Sting, Margaret River and Dogs

We took off down South early on Thursday morning, we being Tim, myself, Raven and Cypher. Took the road down to Margaret River Leeuwin Wine Estate and camped outside from about 11am onwards – we had scored the opportunity to see Sting live in Concert in a small, outdoor private arena. I was in heaven! The dogs were too…whilst we spent the day in the queue to drive in, I took them out on jaunts through the vineyards. They were made much fuss of by other concert goers who were impressed that Border Collies had such good taste in Music. They snoozed and napped their way through the afternoon in between our vineyard jaunts and I tried to keep Cypher’s whites semi white since he was off to a show in Albany in the next couple of days. STING was awesome!!! I loved every second of it and was sad when it ended – the sound was great and the band was excellent and he played every single song I had wanted to hear. I’m sure even the dogs enjoyed it from the car.

Albany – Cypher is awarded Baby of Breed over the girl by SA judge Mrs R Tassie at Albany All Breeds Champ Show – despite not realising the collar is NOT a sled dog harness…hmmm perhaps sled dog racing is on the cards! Next day he is awarded Baby in Group in both the Open Show and the Championship Show – what a good boy!
Trial #3 for Raven: Albany All Breeds Dog Club – she didn’t do so great in Masters Class this weekend – a dropped bar and a pull out on the weaves, still she managed 1st Place Open Agility. All in all a very pleasant four days away and indeed a concert I will never forget.


4 Hour Drive…125 seconds of Action!

Yes yes, I did indeed drive 4 and a half hours or so to Geraldton to run Raven around an agility course for 48 seconds (least she got to run round 4 times!) and yes to those of you unfamiliar with the agility addiction this would seem to be grounds for an asylum committment – but trust me – it’s all worth it in the end. But more on that later!
Trial #2: Geraldton & Districts Dog Club Obedience, Agility and Jumping Trial February 5th and 6th, we have been working on the bar issue all week which left little time for Obedience training – was pleasantly surprised when she worked quite well and scored 181 and 2nd place in the Open class. The Agility and Jumping Trial was even better though – Masters Agility Class – 1st Place and her 1st leg YAY!! not only that she won 1st Place in Open Jumping, fantastic!!