Midland Dog Club – team selection period ends.

Trial #31 August 28th Midland – This was the morning trial of a double header and as is her tendency first up in her runs Raven was in an extreme rush – we had a bar down in Masters Agility and Open Jumping. Open Agility I wasted the run reinforcing her contact behaviour and we managed a CLEAR RUN IN MASTERS JUMPING – it wasn’t pretty (8th out of 10 qualifiers) but hey leg #5 of JDM.

Trial #32 August 28th Midland – This is the last trial to count towards points for our State team that is competing in the teams event at the Nationals. I am pleased to announce that after a very nice run we won 1st Place Masters Agility!! We also ran really well (after Judge gave us a quick run down of the course just before we went in due to missing our walk time) and took out 1st PLACE OPEN JUMPING! Raven gained herself a couple more points towards Team Selection today which is great – we shall submit our scores (we gained a total of 96 out of a possible 100 points) and see if we get selected.


Raising money for the Agility Committee

Trial #29 August 21st CAWA Fundraiser – This morning trial was very cold and the ground was very slippery, she did a GREAT run in Masters Agility, I again opened my mouth when I should have kept it closed and sent her off course. I was very pleased with her run though. Masters Jumping we dropped a bar and Open Agility she blew her dogwalk contact –3rd Place in Open Jumping.

Trial #30 August 21st CAWA Fundraiser – We did okay in this one, we have a sublime run in Open Jumping and gained 2nd place, missing out on 1st by point 4 of a second! She kept all her bars up apart from 1 this afternoon so I was very happy with her overall – 7 out of 8 runs we kept our bars up during the day. Some more shots of Raven in Sydney last year:

Raven gains her Agility Dog Master Title!

Trial #26 July 24th Sunday GSDA – we had a ripper run in Open Agility today and a bar down in both OJ and MJ however in one of our most messiest runs ever she managed a 3rd PLACE MASTERS AGILITY and a 1st PLACE OPEN AGILITY! That elusive ADM gets even closer!

Trial #27 August 7th Bunbury – this morning trial was good for us to iron out our kinks – she does a blitzing round for a 1st PLACE OPEN AGILITY! She also does a quite sedate round (for Raven anyway) for a 2nd Place Open Jumping!

Trial #28 August 7th Bunbury – I’ve always known she goes better in the afternoon and she certainly earned herself some chicken nuggets on the way home today because she won 1st PLACE MASTERS AGILITY and 1st PLACE OPEN AGILITY!!! AND WE GAINED OUR ADM TITLE!!! WOOOHOOO!!! 7 passes – six 1st places and one 3rd place!!!at the age of 5 years and 5 months old – luckily her father Bear did teach me something – he didn’t get his until he was about 8 years old!. Hopefully Cypher will be even more accurate than Raven and get his even quicker. So Raven is now officially: Australian Champion Rhonabwy Raven Ov Bear CDX ADM JDX ET. And it all happened so quick compared to that ADX title!