One Week Old Furry Rugrats

LOOK! An October post actually in October. I could be on a roll now.
As promised here are the one week old shots – Spryte is feeding them well but annoying the hell out of Robyn with her insistence that she is a house dog and should therefore not be away from her puppies any longer than fifteen minutes. Pretty sure that’s not going to wash with Robyn.

Boy 1

Girl 1

Girl 2

Girl 3

Girl 4

Girl 5 – Who was a flea but is now bigger than some of her

Oh and not to be forgotten Mr Cypher turns five years old today. I told him he better start acting like he’s middle aged and his prompt response was to shove the closest toy into my hand and demand he get an extra birthday play session. As far as he’s concerned you are NEVER too old for toys. I tend to agree with him.

So here’s a photo of him at 9 weeks (this is where I get all nostalgic for the puppy days *sigh*)

And here’s a photo of him at 5 years of age: Hmmm….looks like I haven’t got one. Guess I’ll have
to groom him up pretty and take one in the backyard, I’ll try and do it at the same time of day and in the same place as the one above so we can compare and contrast. Watch this space!