Raising more money…still having fun!!

Trial #17 & #18 May 29th – Back to back trials again today for the 2nd day of ANWA fundraising. In the morning she did a lovely run in Masters Agility – but we had a refusal. Open Agility we got called on a contact that was quite a tricky one to judge but it was a great run anyway, Masters Jumping and Open Jumping were all going well till she knocked a bar! In the afternoon we went better – 3 out of 4 runs keeping all bars up for 3rd Place MASTERS JUMPING and 1st Place OPEN AGILITY! So was very happy with her!


Raising money for the Nationals and having fun!!!

Trial #15 & #16 May 28th – Back to back trials today for ANWA fundraising. In the morning she did two very nice runs which I stuffed her up on causing a refusal and an off course however she did a bar in both Masters Jumping and Open Agility. She gained a 4th NQ in Masters Agility.
The afternoon trial went better – 1st PLACE MASTERS AGILITY and 2nd Place OPEN JUMPING! What a good girl! I was very proud of her and thought we worked well…Masters Jumping was very tough – and she had an off course before I could blink! Open agility she took the 2nd last bar down but other than that I was extremely pleased!
That ADM inches ever closer – 3 legs down 4 to go…

JDM Here we come…

Trial #14: May 22nd GSDA – Another FANTASTIC DAY today for different reasons though. She just tapped the last bar in Open Jumping and was in a rush over a jump in Masters Agility however she did finish off the day with her very FIRST Q IN MASTERS JUMPING with a 1st PLACE as well! As if this was not enough she also won 1st PLACE OPEN AGILITY! I was extremely happy with her efforts and pleased with our results!JDM by the way stands for Jumping Dog Master and requires 7 clear rounds. Given her jump issues I’m thinking this one could take a while LOL!!


Trial #13: May 15th Geraldton – A FANTASTIC DAY in my mind despite non qualifying in both Masters Agility and Masters Jumping. WHY? Today for the first time since competing in four classes we finished EVERY SINGLE RUN as she kept EVERY SINGLE BAR UP!!! Hooray!!! I was very pleased with her and to top it all off we took 1st PLACE OPEN AGILITY and 3rd PLACE OPEN JUMPING. I also got to run Deb Hyde’s BC “Jasper” also known as Obedience Champion Brynbank Dangeros Liasion ADX JD UD…and he and I took out 2nd PLACE OPEN AGILITY (0.67 secs behind Raven) and 3rd PLACE OPEN JUMPING (0.25 secs in front of Raven!). A good day all round as that meant Jasper finished his JDX title off! Deb was very happy and I had great fun running him!

Training Day in Geraldton

Trial #12: May 14th Geraldton – today was a training day, she managed to keep all bars up in the Open Agility class and came 2nd despite a fault due to there only being 1 clear round. However the other 3 runs we used to work on her bar issues and we left the ring after knocking a bar in each. This time I kept it as neutral as possible – I got her to drop as soon as she hit one, I replaced the bar and we left the ring. Then before the next run I warmed her up over a jump making a huge fuss out of her when she kept her bar up, we got to the startline as if it was our first startline of the day.