The Police…the sounds of legends

Best concert *ever* (Said in Simpson’s Comic Book guy’s voice) and not just cause I knew the words to every single song of which there were 19 in the full set list.
20 years and it was worth the wait.
My ears are still ringing and I may be a little hoarse over the next couple of days (but how can you *not* join in with 20,000 other fans and sing the chorus to Roxanne accompanying Sting at the top of your voice in a massive open air stadium?) and I loved every second of it.
I’ve got the set list memorised. And we got pictures (not on the super Nikon D300 – can’t really get that in under a t shirt, it is a bit bulky) and they are half way decent despite the smallness of my trusty little digital camera. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I am so glad I got to see them once in my lifetime. For 56 years old Sting is doing decidedly well.