WordPress tells me to fill this in so my readers know where I am coming from. I’m more interested in where I’m going. My name is Simone. I live in Australia (a wonderful, beautiful, amazing country but just too damn far from anywhere – bring me the future when I can hop over to Europe or the States in a 6 hour supersonic/subsonic/whateversonicittakes plane ride please….bring me it NOW as there is no time to waste) and I will be travelling on some very long flights this year to visit the States, Canada and Europe. I teach therefore I can (travel that is). I’m in my 30s and the clock is ticking and it has nothing to do with biology and everything to do with simple facts – I am not immortal (Future you better be working on that because I don’t want to miss a thing). So this blog is here because they say once you put shit your inner thoughts and writings out there on the internet it is there forever. So whilst I may not be immortal who knows….this blog might be.

If you wish to email me please do….I love a surprise in my inbox.




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