Rainy day girl…

Trial #20 June 12th Cloverdale Canine Companions – A Morning trial in the very wet weather. I could blame the wet grass I suppose but we had three runs where she took a bar down – only on one run (Masters Jumping) did I make an error before she did! She did go clear in one though and won 1st Place in Open Jumping, good girl, it just amazes me how easily the clear runs in Open come now that we struggled for 3 years getting our Open titles. Not sure what it is but I think most would attribute it to me not being so hung up on getting qualifications anymore. I’d like to say well maybe I’ve just become a better handler – you do hope that after a certain amount of time in the sport you could show some improvement!


Northern Suburbs hoodoo!

Trial #19 June 5th Sunday – An afternoon trial at Northern Suburbs Dog Club in Carine. We never seem to crack any clears at these grounds and today unfortunately maintained our lack of success. Masters Agility was a great run for us, she just seemed to lose her rhythm slightly in the weaves and missed one but still came out the right side! So one fault there, all other runs we stopped due to bar down and the Open Jumping course which I thought we’d cleared, turned out a bar had dropped on a jump 8 meters from us as we were completing the spread jump quite weird! Oh well there’s always next week’s trial!