Last Trial of 2005

We certainly did not finish the year on a bang but I’m hoping that means we might start it next year with a bang. Four runs and no quallies and only one run being my fault really – maybe 2 if you count the not so great front cross I tried to put in on the Masters Agility course. Masters Jumping too much of a hurry and knocked a bar, Open Jumping again too much of a hurry and she dropped a bar, Open Agility my fault I called Tunnel Come Raven instead of Raven Come Tunnel LOL!!! So no exciting runs in this one. She’s now on a break from Agility for at least 3 or 4 weeks. I will focus more on her UD training over summer. Cypher will be working on little bits of everything! He’s 14 months now can’t believe there is only 4 more months to go till he’s trialling!