Week 1 done…

Savvy and Spryte on our walk last weekend. This was in the briefest of moments whilst it wasn’t raining. I don’t remember Perth winters being so….wintry. Cold yes….windy yes – all this rain? Not so much. I get told we need the rain so I try not to whine too much but it is with great effort. Week One of the 12 week challenge is done. I clocked a 2kg loss. And my eating was not perfect so I’m happy with that. Got to the Gym only twice but did exercise on every day except Thursday. Dogs got training in and a couple of long walks and I did a kettleball workout on Monday and lived to tell the tale even if my muscles were still repairing two days later.

My trainer tells me I need to eat more over the course of the day (not leave my major calorie intake to dinner) and make sure my snacks are real food. Apparently Cup A Soups and Up N Go drinks don’t constitute the definition of “real” food. I had three aims with my food this last week. 1. No unhealthy fast food. 2. Veggies every day 3. Drink 2ltrs of water every day. 1 & 2 I did easily and even 3 I managed 6 out of 7 days. My dinner portions of protein need to be less. But that won’t happen unless I make it to dinner without feeling like I could eat an entire cow. Or fish. Or chicken. Which means I need to snack better. Which means I need to go grocery shopping today at some point and get “real” food for snacks. It’s exhausting just writing about it all. Plus I’m supposed to make my own soup. As in buy pre-cut soup veggies and turn them into liquid. I’m really not down with this whole officially cooking gig – I heat my (pre-cut and prepared) veggies up in a microwave, I make oatmeal on the stove and I can fry an egg. That’s about as far as I’m willing to push the cooking skills envelope. Unless you count putting a frozen pizza in the oven or making toast. Some might say I’m a lazy cook. I’d say they were taking liberties with the term “cook”. I wish I could claim a full time chef on my tax return. I think we’d find one of those very handy. BLAH. Of course this whole increase muscle mass, decrease fat mass schtick is 80% food in and 20% exercise energy out. Either way I have to put more effort into ONE of those things really and food (even to my limited maths brain) seems significantly more important.

It all seems quite effort intensive and I’m definitely more of a convenient and easy intensive personality. I shall persevere none the less because whilst I may be a “lazy” food acquirer I am also quite stubborn when it comes to particular things. In the meantime I’d much rather go and check out display homes. Tim and I are heading off to do this today – we have started the whole time to expand and move out and build somewhere we have more than a ping pong table sized piece of land ball rolling. We’ve made appointments to see those mortgage/new house/building type people and are currently scrutinising housing designs and builders and making a list (mammoth tome) of what we want in the next house. So it’s a good distraction from thinking about food and exercise all the time in between dog training and schoolwork.

Here’s a few pics I tweeted about during the last few weeks – I’m only responsible for the last two – a couple of my favourite pics of the guys I took at the Nerd HQ panel at Comic Con which was only a month ago now but feels like years!

This just made me laugh out loud.

This is a friend’s dog – Nyx. Emma took the photo of her at the farm.

Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester

Jared Padalecki aka Sam Winchester.



Day 3 of 12 Week Challenge

Had a PT session today with my trainer. The first time since early May. Probably close to exactly 3 months off. There was no easing me back in it seems. Three rounds of Kettleball Squats, Kettleball Swings, Assisted Chin Ups and V Line sit ups. My arms are going to punish me tomorrow. My thighs will probably do the same. There’s a group training session on Saturday that I’m going to. Think I’ll aim for Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays (or Sundays if trialling).

So far so good but very early days yet. My eating has been good. I’m keeping it to 1500 cals or below. I’m hoping that’s low enough to throw my body into ketosis. I’m not saying anything is off the menu this time (with the exception of non-nutritious fast food) and I am making sure that I eat vegetables every day. I think so long as I can still eat the things I like and still fit within my calorie limit this might be a much more feasible life style choice.

The commitment to the Challenge involves attending one group training session a week plus a session with a trainer and one extra workout off your own back. Agreeing to follow a nutritional plan and ensuring I do the required measurements and weigh ins means I meet the commitments set down by the club. I’ve got to think about this as a life style change. Something that I will do for the rest of my life – eat sensibly and exercise regularly. It’s common sense but apparently it’s common sense I like to ignore. Which means I’m slow at agility and that bugs me no end. I’m going to put this video here from Sunday of me running my young girl Savvy. We go clear and we win but there are so many places when I’m behind and I shouldn’t be. This can be my agility competitor BEFORE video. Hopefully in 3 months time I will look a little quicker and lighter on the ground.

Savvy – age 3 years Excellent Agility – 1st Place Bunbury 11th of August 2013

12 Week Challenge

The 12 Week Kick up the Arse CHALLENGE is upon me. Since the long trip to the USA and Canada last year there is no point in denying the weight has slowly been creeping back on. It feels fast but in retrospect it’s been blatantly obvious that the 23 kilos I dropped in the last half of 2011 has taken a year and a half to come back on. It hasn’t snuck up on me, it hasn’t ninja stealth approached and it certainly was not gone one moment and there the next. It has paraded back onto my body with great fanfare, a twelve piece marching band, a vibrant group of mariachi  players with coloured streamers and a cacophony of ambulance sirens to boot.

And so here I am in August of 2013 with my back problems returned in force, my plantar fasciitis causing merry hell and my dogs looking back on the agility course wondering what the hell is taking me so long. And after I drag myself past the finish on course I’m back to wheezing in that disturbing way that makes onlookers wonder if they should hand me an oxygen mask. It is decidedly NOT cool. We humans are such self destructive nits at times. But gees by golly I remember every tasty morsel of high fat, high salt, high sugar food I consumed on our trip last year and even the ones this year on the two overseas trips I’ve made. There’s no getting round it – even after 3 months of very strict extremely low fat and nearly zero sugar eating I will never change my palate enough to ever want to say no all the time to the burgers, the candy, the ice cream, the bread, the pizza. I am obsessed about a few things in this life (I can count them on one hand) and food is amongst them.

I have never let my gym membership lapse from returning in January. I need to stop wasting my money and so I signed up for the 12 week challenge held at my gym here:

determined to reignite the stubbornly determined gym attendee (I don’t think I’ll ever be a junkie) of last year when I would go to my workouts just to see what kind of torturous exercises my trainer would challenge me with this week. She’d push me and I would not quit. I would go home and share on facebook and fitocracy exactly what torture I’d achieved that day often with a note of slight disbelief that I actually did it and also PAID to do it. The whole notion fascinated me on some bizarre psychological social experiment level.

So this is what I signed up for:

There’s prizes involved too which I must admit I find motivating. It’s almost like I can treat this like my own little personal version of The Biggest Loser but on a much safer and more realistic scale. That show is like a Kramer off Seinfeld – a hideous beast that you just can’t look away from.

I need to record my workouts and food for the next 12 weeks – go back in for a re-measure of my measurements in Week 6 and Week 12. It’s going to be noticed by people – gym trainer types – if I don’t do this properly and make changes. This kind of accountability is what I need I think. I’m going to put it here too:

START WEIGHT: 104KGBODY FAT: 47.7% – this measurement? Not taken by the barbaric calipers anymore – no horrible skin pinching at all. It’s just a handheld machine – with two metal plates (much like the heart rate sensor plates you see on treadmills). Trainer punches in your age, height and weight, you grab hold of it, it passes an electrical charge through you and it can ascertain how much of your mass is bone and how much is muscle and how much is fat. Pretty damn neat. The percentage? Not so neat at all. In fact downright dangerous health wise.

We shall see what it says at 6 weeks. Workout #1 completed today and water intake on target. I’m off to walk the dogs now before I read through the Challenger’s manual more thoroughly. And also figure out if a Bento Box fits my Macros 😉