The Hollywood Story so far…

This trip so far feels like an optimal efficient holiday without feeling rushed. Yet when I think about everything we’ve done it sounds like we should be running here there and everywhere. The plan has worked well. Today we are off to the Warner Brothers Deluxe Studio 5 hour tour so before I have too much more to add, a recap on the events so far.

Yesterday we stopped in at THE LAST BOOK STORE. (That title must be read with the same emphasis and gravity as one might say THE LAST UNICORN). This is a shop in downtown LA which is listed as one of the ten most beautiful bookstores in the world. Nicole and I both agreed. And we strong about getting out of there without an extra suitcase worth of books.




There is an entire floor with 1$ books. The book prices are so much more reasonable than Australia. Books would definitely go on the list of reasons to change hemisphere homes.

We then headed off to the Paley Centre for Media. This is almost like an archival place with the purpose of preserving television. They have a display on right now called Television Out of The Box. They have a viewing room where you can sit and choose form over 21,000 episodes of television to watch. They have sets from Friends and Seinfeld set up and costumes and of course a section dedicated to Supernatural. Also Smallville and Fringe.














There’s quite a number of photos from this place which I’ll sort through later.
Introduced Nicole to The Cheesecake Factory after that which provided a great meal of the day. Then we did some shopping at Macy’s before retiring to our hotel room and beds rather early.

The day before this one we did Universal Studios. Only phone pics there because as a previous attendee I am aware that the less you carry the more opportunity for rides! I was delighted by all the Minion mania that enveloped the theme park with the release of Despicable Me 2.

Nicole and I rode the Transformers ride twice and then The Mummy twice before hitting the Studio Tour and catching a show of WaterWorld. After strolling the City Walk and grabbing some Mexican food for lunch we headed back to the hotel. Decided to check out The Lone Ranger movie later than evening with Johnny Depp and that was very entertaining and one I’d definitely recommend.

Monday I did the Paramount VIP Studios tour in the morning to keep me busy until Nicole flew in from around 3ish. It was a great tour, I really enjoyed it. Our guide Lauren was a true movie and tv buff and had heaps of stories to tell us about many of the behind the scenes going ons with regards to movies and TV shows. We had a great lunch – delicious and filling and were give some posters at the end of it. It’s a truly beautiful looking studio grounds and full of history.

DSC_0347 DSC_0374

More pics to come…but this is where I’ll end this post.









Insert Cliche Here About A Long Bloggish Absence

I have written a post from May that’s been in draft state for a bit of a long time. I’m doing that thing again where I just keep procrastinating long enough to make the task become mammoth and then daunting followed by downright overwhelming. I’m going to mess with the chronological code of blogging. I’m going to do a post on July whilst we’re still in July and then do my May posts later. Well finish my May posts so that I may upload them. Yes absolutely that is what I am going to do.

Here have a photo of Colt to distract you.

Okay I lied – it’s Colt his Mum and his Nana.

Moving on. Here I am in Hollywood. Less than 48 hours ago I was in front of a bunch of teenagers in a classroom teaching about the importance of paragraphing and now I am here half way round the other side of the world.

I’ve decided to make the moderately longish hop across the very large pond for the next two weeks of the school holidays for one thing mainly. San Diego Comic Con.

Tim and I said if we could get the four day passes this year we would be back. Tim changed his mind though when he realised we’d only be here for a couple weeks (due to my limited time off work) and decided to spend his money on something else which is just as exciting. I look forward to seeing it when I get back! So I have the 4 day passes and so here I am. To make the most of the trip I am trying to do as much as possible around it and luckily my sister has decided to step in and be my Comic Con partner in crime so it will be great to still share it with someone, especially my sister – HAPPY 30TH little sis! Welcome to Comic Con!

So before we get to the main event we have some very exciting events planned before it which we’re both looking forward to. In the meantime I am staying here right next to Hollywood Boulevard at the Hollywood Orchid Suites:

Right behind this little place here:

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre…where I visited yesterday and even enjoyed a screening of the movie Now You See Me.

Which was pretty entertaining and good fun to watch. Great for fending off jetlag. I then did some people watching and shop browsing.

Yeah finally got my CHICAGO Bulls Noah shirt – IN HOLLYWOOD. I have no idea.

I think there’s a comment in here. Finding the Lone Ranger and Tonto on top of the Freemason building. Hmmm.

Strange sights/encounters on Hollywood Boulevard Day 1:

  • Man running round with a ceramic goat in his hand thrusting it in front of people walking the Star walk and saying LOOK AT MY PET GOAT!
  • Man dressed in his dressing gown and what looked like full blue flannel pyjamas with a sleep hat on his head clutching his steaming cup of coffee when it’s like 25 degrees out.
  • The guy at the SIM card store turning on my phone going – hey isn’t that the guy from Supernatural? Jensen…somebody?
  • The Police stuck at the side of the road getting a jump start from a local cabbie whilst some dubious looking, skin tight, scantily clad female officers stood alongside to offer helpful advice.

And that concludes Day 1’s report. I shall do my best to update often.