N is for New Acquaintances

It’s been one week now on my sugar free lifestyle change and I’ve noticed some things. When I get hungry and I make something to eat I usually can’t eat all of it. When I get hungry I am usually VERY hungry so I tend to make the usual amount of food or dish my usual portions up – and I can’t get through it all. I am feeling full a half or 3/4 of the way through. Now this was to be expected, it was definitely one of the mentioned effects of quitting sugar but what did surprise me was how rapidly that change happened. It has, after all, only been seven days.

Pepsi Max, which is my favoured soft drink, has not been difficult to cut back on. Usually one can a day or two cans at the most. But when I do drink it now it’s sweetness tastes like the nectar of gods to me it is just that deliciously sweet.

I have not found it difficult to stick to (I know – it’s only been a week) in terms of avoiding the high sugar items. The ability to still be able to eat bread, butter, any and all veggies and have milk certainly helps. I had only one unknown factor meal this week and that was lunch provided by work in the form of Subway sandwiches. The bread and the mayo were likely not to be in the permitted sugar level foods – so I chose the multigrain and still ate lunch and made sure nothing else that day gave me any further sugar hits.

Dinner has been a variety of things – steak and veggies, salt and pepper squid salad, burritos with salad, refried beans and zero sugar taco seasoning, broccoli frittatas  and chicken etc. I have missed the desserts. Ice cream and chocolate the most. I will make the plunge into ice cream making one day but only once I’ve missed desserts long enough to motivate me to learn it.

I’ve only had one day of headaches (and that may also be due to the whole going back to work after holidays syndrome) and have upped the water intake. Here are some items that have helped me make the change quite painlessly:

Plus cheeses, potato crisps, pasta (no processed tomato sauces though), crackers and the odd half a banana. I’m not one of those people who can train their palates to like something if it doesn’t. So all those foods or substitutes up there taste pretty good to me!

Next week school is back in full swing after a couple of days of the usual Teacher PD days last Thursday and Friday – it’s going to be hectic from day one I imagine on Monday. I’m always excited about the first day of school and meeting all my new classes. I enjoy being around kids and one of the best things in this job is being able to meet and make connections with a whole new group of human beings who I get to know. I have a list of things to do that is a little daunting to say the least and I’m hoping it won’t take me too long to work out that fine balance between getting my food sorted, teaching planned and prepared for, dogs trained, whelping room set up for Spryte whilst still managing to enjoy the socialising times of seeing a play, going to a Bruce Springsteen concert and attending trials and dog shows. Looking at the year’s planner it’s going to be a busy and hopefully satisfyingly productive year with puppies, house to build, trips interstate and overseas and a celebration of a milestone year with my 40th birthday. I’m still a little shell shocked by that number when I say it or write it and I keep looking behind me to see if it’s some kind of cosmic joke – me turning 40….blinks….Nahhhh….think I’m always just gonna be a big kid instead.


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