J is for Juxtaposition

Expansive farmlands, dark green, moss covered forests, vast mountain peaks, boulder strewn hills and far-reaching beaches. These are just some of the many varieties of terrains and environments that we’ve encountered in this country so far and we are already making a list of the things we want to do on our next trip!  At the moment we are in Kaikoura after spending the day on the ocean spending a good 15 minutes or so next to one of the world’s most impressive creatures – the Sperm Whale. These guys hold the world record for being the deepest divers and the longest breath holders (3.1km straight down and 2 hours and 40 minutes). Their physiology is quite awe-inspiring, their brain the biggest in the world, their echo location a phenomenal weapon and they are the largest toothed whale in the ocean. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been amongst the those who have seen these guys up close, reoxygenating on the surface before a flip of their tail fin and back down they dive to hunt for food in the large deep cavernous canyon that is formed by the edge of the contintental shelf here just off the coast of this country.

Here are some of my more recent phone panoramic shots:

PANO_20140115_211545Kaikoura Sunset from the road outside the motel

Kaikoura Sunset

The view from the Kaikoura Whale Watch Centre

Whale View Point

Whale View Point

Hanmer Springs

PANO_20140114_111714On the way into Kaikoura


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