Random little bit…The Pocono Inn

We were driving through from Pittsburgh to Boston and decided to break the drive into two. Tim picked a place of dubious nomenclature called Delaware Water Gap. This motel was called the Pocono Inn. There had been no gap in the water that had flooded through this place.

This was the kind of motel where the housekeeping was one heavily smoking life worn lady who was just outside the entrance when we took our bags in. She chased us down to hand us a couple of handkerchief sized bath towels that could have exfoliated a rhino’s behind. We couldn’t stay on the lower floor due to water damage. I couldn’t check in because the computer had frozen and the lass on the desk needed to call the manager who had left the premises. She then had to write all the details down by hand. The decor was equivalent to a bad early 80s movie. I was left with the impression even Sam and Dean would have kept driving to the next town. When we went to check out we had a hand scrawled note on the front desk saying – “Temporarily Out of Office – Call this Mobile Number should you need assistance.” I scrawled a note back saying – send us an email receipt, checking out now. Room 215.

It was all pretty shit and we were glad it was one night only. The one not-quite-saving grace was the fact that Tim found a real home made pie shop and they did indeed have good Apple Pie. Apple Pie in hand we were off to Boston!

Oh so you can make sure you skip it…this is what it looks like on the outside:


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