KeyWest – the southern most point of the United States of America

I really liked KeyWest – to me it felt like an even more laid back New Orleans but with heaps more water and a lot less vehicles and a very tropical island like feel to it. It’s what Rottnest Island would be with a much more Bahamian type influence, more famous visitors, more bars, more shops and pedal cabs. We stayed at The Inn at KeyWest. Right on the water…and the pool was very nice too.

It was nice to get to share it with the locals. This fella here had a crush on a particularly striking girl lizard who’d also scuttled out to catch some rays.

KeyWest was more of a let’s just chill out, hang, see a few things if we feel like but laze by the pool drinking pretty drinks with umbrellas in them most of the time kind of stop. It definitely has the influence of it’s Bahamian ethnicity and the touch of Cuban influence as all as strong season tourist presence in the hospitality jobs with people of every nationality serving you. Many clearly just there to escape the cold winters of their home regions to soak up the rays and good weather whilst earning some money. We had a couple of nice meals downtown and enjoyed our strolls through the Historic downtown area.

We took in Ernest Hemingway’s House and found out more about his connections with the area.I really should get around to reading his books some day. The movies they made were great! He went through a few women in his lifetime I must say and he certainly had the look of what one could politely term as an irascible fellow combined with that air of ‘I’m an artist and a free spirit, I shall not be shackled by the moral norms society seeks to push on me!’. Or at least that was the aura I felt the house, it’s belongings and the tidbits I read about him gave me an impression of. He was a serious cat lover though and whilst at heart I am a dog person first and foremost anyone who can feel such a deep and abiding affection for their furry family members has my full support. Although the multi cat memorial was a little left of centre I must admit.

We also got out for a snorkel tour which was great but not the best wind wise for visibility. But it was a pleasant way to while away a few hours. Plus I like being on a gigantic catamaran and pretending it’s mine and that I’ve just invited a bunch of people to enjoy a trip out on the open sea whilst a crew of four plus a Captain see to our every need. It’s good to have healthy fantasies like that I feel.

Afterwards we were downtown and I decided to get a tatt there:

It was only henna 😉 But it came up great after a few hours.

One day I’ll get a real one, but it’s design will be a little more complicated than this!

After a few days relaxing it was time to head back up through the Everglades to Tampa. We had decided that we needed to try Busch Gardens out – a theme park with quite a number of thrilling rides and roller coasters to try out. Busch Gardens Tampa will have to wait for the next blog entry though!


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