THREE Days! Part One

Three days since I posted here and I have SO MUCH to write here….I think I’mma break it into three parts…yes I’m practicing my different Americanisms for the variety of accents here is tres cool and I am a bit of a Miner bird in that I like to sound like the residents here…plus it bugs me no end when people can instantly tell my Aussie accent. I’m not really sure why…I think because I just shudder when I think of certain overly Australian voices over the years – Steven Irwin being the worst culprit with Paul Hogan a close second. But I digress 🙂

So SAN DIEGO! Great town, great place, heaps to do and we still have stuff we haven’t done so we will be back definitely for sure – especially for a four day pass to Comic Con. ANYWAY – If you ever come I can certainly recommend the San Diego Wild Safari Park over the San Diego Zoo any day. In fact I would definitely do the Safari Park instead of the Zoo. We got there around 11ish and stayed till 5ish and had a very unique, more than likely once in a lifetime, encounter with their Cheetah Animal Ambassador animals.

The Safari Park has 1800 acres (unlike the Zoo which is around 400) and so therefore is hugely successful in their captive breeding programs because their enclosures are massively huge and very similar to the animals native environments. The animals feel comfortable and so feel safe to breed. They have a huge range and just in the last year there were over 300 births in the Park.

All the keepers I spoke with sounded completely competent and no question was too hard and they also genuinely conveyed their love and passion for the jobs they do.We came upon one Keeper who had a python wrapped around his arm, giving a little talk to a small group of people and he was saying as we walked up that we should all be asking questions about where our pets come from, regardless of species or breed if we cannot get straight answers from the people selling them about who the parents are, why they breed, what are the health issues, where they are raised, what kind of socialising etc etc then we really should be more discriminating about where we get them from – especially puppy mills. I was very pleased to hear him mention these places and I hope the listening audience took it all in.

So the Park was brilliant and I hope my pictures below portray our experience befittingly well 🙂














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