I’d rather be a comma than a full stop.

I’m not above stealing cool lyrics from bands like Coldplay to create a sense of profundity. But then again one person’s profound is another person’s LAME. Irrespective the above is true for my life’s intentions. I never want to stop learning, stop travelling or aspiring to travel, never want to stop keeping an open mind, never want to stop seeing the world around me for how amazing it is, I never want to stop desiring to be better, to have better, I never want to stop feeling incredibly blessed and grateful, I never want to stop meeting new and fascinating people and I never want to stop having those around me that I love and cherish.  I wanna be a comma all my life. 🙂

With that in mind I bring you a jumpy post of images and thoughts.

Yours truly in a metal space cab like module, one of many, attached to the gigantic Eye of London. That is Big Ben behind me and the houses of Parliament. Thanks to my Aunt Sandy who didn’t take a half bad shot afterall! The Eye is definitely worth a visit – especially the five minute 4D experience you get before the Eye. Once on it takes you around in about 30 minutes. Plenty of time to see the sights, take photos, decided if you suffer from vertigo or a fear of heights. Twas a good day in London with my Aunt, We even had tea and scones in Harrods.

The amazing Mr Magners – the little 400 Border Terrier that Jules Pearson is running for Australia. He’s a cheeky little dude who Jules is very impressed with.

I always wanted to take one of those photos that completely encapsulates the phrase;

This little tacker was so tiny I had to have a picture…seriously cute face I must say.

Three Aussie teammates and our splendid English host dog owners! Gary and Linda Cummings who own George and Lara Robbins who owns Magners. It was a good weekend at Beacon trial which ended up with Pip and I competing and winning the ring!

That was great fun…and more details on that coming soon!



  1. sally · May 14, 2012

    Again great photo’s – and lovely big smiles. A terrific win, well done!

  2. Ann Harmes · May 14, 2012

    love your blog Simone! Not long now- Great shirt btw! Oggie Oggie Oggie….

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