Trastevere or bust.

Following on from my last post and finishing off Sunday Nanette and I figured out that we covered around 20.7 kilometers by the end of the day or in Net’s terms 12 miles!

Here’s a little pic of the first leg we did – around 7kms. Stage 2 was returning back to the Colosseum, then off to Piazza Navona.

And that was only STAGE 1 of Sunday’s efforts. We walked to the Porta Portese markets and discovered that flea markets are really just the same where ever you go in the world. IE Full of crap most people are trying to flog and crowded with people hunting for that elusive bargain guaranteed to make them their thousands when it gets discovered by someone from Antiques Roadshow or other such reputable TV shows. It was a long way to go to discover but the walk was nice and we got to see parts of Rome we wouldn’t have otherwise ventured into. So after crossing back across the bridge watching even more “Ancient Romans” marching around the Roman Forum area we sat down near the Colosseum and decided our next move.

That turned out to be the Pantheon. This church is pretty amazing looking as anyone who has stood outside it can attest. And that group is huge because there were a lot of people standing outside it looking at it today. It was very busy. Still managed to grab a few shots.

The Pantheon path took us over to Piazza Navona one of my favourite Piazza’s of Rome. Well remembered from when I was last here.

After Navona we decided we deserved a little reward so we headed up Via Venuto to the Hard Rock Cafe and grabbed an evening meal. I had the Chicken Twisted Mac and Cheese, Nanette had the sirloin and the food was tasty and the service good. That meal calorie intake was more than deserved after the 12 mile round trip hike we’d managed to cover.

After refueling and helping to fill the rumbling gap in our stomachs we felt a little more invigorated so we took in The Spanish Steps. Which turn out not to be Spanish Steps at all. Apparently the French are really pissed off with this name as it was actually designed and built by a Frenchman. They lead up to and pay homage to the church up the top. Of course they sit on the Piazza Di Spagna – so named because the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See is there. And once that was there according to the church it was only right that everything became “Spanish”, hence the name Spanish Steps. Shockingly the church is responsible for the malapropriation of a monument once again. We managed to (very cleverly and completely unintentionally) take two versions of these steps.

Here is Version 1:

And version 2:

We then finished up early evening with a visit to Trevi Fountain. This placed was also packed to the rafters and the entire Piazza De Trevi was filled with people – the only free place was in the fountain. This thing takes in around 3000 Euros a day in coinage in the high season apparently – people wishing for all kinds of things. I like this Fountain a lot, it’s one of my favourite places in Rome and I’m hoping to see it early one morning so that I can see it without the throngs of people. I’ve decided I’m a cantankerous misanthrope with no logic to my attitude about other tourists who should all just pick times when I’m not here to enjoy Rome.

I’m going to leave this post here as that pretty much wraps up Sunday’s activities. On Monday we took in Vatican city amongst other things but we were both pretty wiped from the extra long mileage we had accomplished on the Sunday. I will save that post for the next entry. Stay tuned there will be future recount entries on the following:

  • Monday – The Vatican City
  • Tuesday – Pompei and Mt Vesuvius (aka a bloody big mountain to climb)
  • Wednesday – Tuscany and Florence

Tomorrow we transfer to the Hilton Airport Hotel and get sorted for our registration for the Jus in Bello event. Before we do that though we’ve got about three more sights to get to in the morning – The Knights of Malta near Circo Massimo, the Vatican City again and the Trevi Fountain sans other people. This is all based on whether we get up early enough of course. After a big 14 hour day today exploring Florence it’s time for bed.


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  1. sally · April 26, 2012

    Look for the Bellanti name at The Knights of Malta x

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