Random musings…

Because I can. I’m on holidays. Savouring every last hour of freedom. By posting here.
So – Things I have established this week.

1. I’ve used the target far too long in Spryte’s two on two off dogwalk training. No more target. Now just work on rewarding the position she gets in. Which is always two on two off when I don’t run the whole thing. Work on the position becoming completely independent of me.

2. Slippery Elm powder works great for dogs stomachs. When they’re having…you know….the kind of unpickableup poop that needs a bucket of sand over the top of it.

3. This blog here rocks. Team Small Dog. Funny and dog related and agility related. And clever without trying – I am so not good at that.

4. I still love this show (BLACK BOOKS) even though I’ve watched every episode of all three seasons through twice. Bernard Black makes a delightfully grumpy Irish bastard. It makes me laugh in the kind of way that has dogs running to check you’re ok, stomach hurting and tears rolling down my face. Not every episode but most.

Bernard Black trying to do his taxes

This could be me at tax time

Brain going offline

5. Raven kicked chemo arse this week with a 2.4 WBC reading and is still on track for everything. She has three more treatments in total left. Not sure of the time frame exactly but she should be having the BMT in the beginning of June.

6. Every year and every holiday I manage to perfect the art of procrastination to the level of PhD. I swear that I could achieve a PhD in Procrastination with both hands tied behind my back.
I like to talk about that like it is a good thing.

7. Swiss Miss is the best hot chocolate you can buy from a Supermarket. How do I know this? I drank some the other day…WITHOUT MILK. Whoever heard of good hot chocolate *without milk*? Well folks it can be done. Woolworths. Check your hot beverage aisle.

8. There are no decent movies out right now. Well none that I’d want to part with 16$ to go and see. Bring on the superhero flicks – Iron Man, the Dark Knight, Hellboy2.

9. I’ve established that at the age of 33 a person can discover comics. Superman/Batman comics to be specific. The art and medium of comics is not appreciated enough I’ve found. I’ve spent 33 years underappreciating it. I have much time to make up. Yay for downloadable comics. Is there anything you cannot download? No wonder Southpark went into a post-apocalyptic state when there was no Internet.

10. ANKC Agility Rules Revision Submissions are due this week in WA. I put in NINE changes. Because folks we need to change. Not a lot of things but some things definitely. Get your submissions in now if you have ever caught yourself standing at an Agility trial thinking – “Well, that’s just not right”


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