Got these personalised bandanas sent over from Germany by Tim’s Mum for my birthday. Had to do a spontaneous photo shoot of course. They all are looking a bit too intense – as in “Must stare unblinkingly – treat may disappear!” Might have to try and get one where they’re all looking a bit more relaxed! Spryte, Cy and Raven

Raven wore hers as a good luck bandana for her doxorubicin (also known as Adriamyacin) chemo treatment yesterday, so far (touch everything) it is looking ok. We are more than 24 hours on now and no side effects. Ate a full dinner last night, had some breakfast, just polished off a big chicken neck. Drinking and toileting well. She slept the whole night through. She had a very small upchuck of some yellow bile this afternoon but nothing other than that. She does look tired though, in her face, like her body is undergoing some inner war that she is not quite sure of. Lymph nodes are still decreasing, I have to really feel for them now.
I am in the midst of writing up my list of questions to Ken Wyatt about bone marrow transplant. If she is going to have it done, things will start to happen at her next treatment in preparation for it. There is so much I need to know first!


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  1. Elf · June 6, 2007

    What a wonderful photo, with the scarves and intense looks! I wish I could ever get all of my dogs to look this intense simultaneously. 🙂 And I am awed once again by the amazing consistency of the markings on all three of your dogs.-ellen

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