Saturday update

Raven still looks okay today. She had one upchuck in the afternoon but nothing serious just a bit of yellow bile. She kept a whole large chicken wing down without any trouble afterwards and was harassing for more! I think the lymph nodes in her neck are now just starting to slightly irritate her throat as she having a slight cough here and there if she gets up too fast or jumps down from the bed/couch. Still fairly bright and interested in the household routines. I went shopping, bought a trolley load of veges, some flax seed oil, fish oil capsules and some chicken carcasses, lamb’s liver and chicken wings. She likes her veggies but I need to make sure her diet is mostly raw meaty bones or meat by itself.
I went and scrolled through the photo websites from the Nationals and have decided to upload a bunch of them here. These were from Epsom Rd Studios, Kim Bartons Photos, After FX Photos and of course Yourdogphotos.

Cypher on the start line – unfurling the tail in launch prep

Raven – Open Agility Sunday morning, toilet brush tail in tow

Cypher actually looking like he means business

Raven – at least she’s easy to pick out…

Shock horror – we caught another Cy on a mission look

The above shots are from her finals run on the Sunday afternoon

These are the weave poles used and this illustrates how beautifully they moved after a dog like Cy goes through them

There is definitely something wrong with this photo – either Cy’s eye has just been caught by sexy female canine ringside OR he simply has not understood his SPIN command (go LEFT!)

More pics from Raven’s Finals Run

Cypher riding the biggest seesaw he’s ever been on!
Poncy Cypher – I swear he deliberately makes his fur do
the ‘windswept’ look just for the camera

Rippin’ it Up Cypher

Weaven Raven! Girl on a mission!

Cypher getting ready for four on the floor

Raven riding the biggest seesaw in the world to the ground
Ain’t no judge gonna see me miss this contact!
Cy – all focus during the challenging distance part, but decides
the easy section is not hard enough!

Now if she’d snapped half a millisecond earlier my tail would NOT be in this shot!
Masters Jumping – the handler had all the info just failed to let the dog know in time!

I believe the photographer may have caught a rare moment here – I think he might actually be watching me lead out!Of course he was watching – look at that focus!

Raven did this Open Agility course like the seasoned pro that she is, just one slightly tapped bar cost us a finals spot.

Fine okay I’ll ride the seesaw ALL the way if you insist!

Raven on the start line, Simone is probably reviewing her memory of the course. Raven has obviously heard about the neck exercises elite athletes always do before a run.


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