Waiting for his turn…

Got this soulful look at the last day of Greg Derrett’s workshops.


  1. Johanna · March 1, 2007

    Hello,I have border collies/shelties and compete in agility & HTM in Denmark. I enjoy your posts, thanks!Kindest regards,Johanna, Denmark

  2. Anonymous · March 1, 2007

    So, what’d you learn from GD? What was useful? Anything not so useful?

  3. Simone · March 1, 2007

    I will be posting tonight Chapter 2 about my experience of the Greg Derrett Seminars…Chapter 3 is in progress…I did learn heaps but also confirmed some of my original opinions about what I train/do etc. Johanna…I’m sure you came to Perth a couple of years back right?

  4. ness_bc · March 2, 2007

    Hi Simone,Love the soulful look :). Can’t wait to read your next GD installment I have been hanging out to read it.

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