Only the Good…

It’s taken me a while to get this entry written and there is a reason for this. On the Thursday following young Mo’s death the WA agility world was dealt another cruel blow with the death of another even younger, up and coming agility boy. Pam Scurlock tragically lost her young Dash at 18 months old – an energetic and switched on young smoothcoat working bred Border Collie. Even now there is still mystery about the cause of his death and results are still being waited upon and whilst these results will not heal the pain caused by his loss there is an element of importance about it due to Dash being one of three siblings here in our Agility Club.

Pam had Dash from around 4 months of age and his complete and utter enthusiasm for life always left her with a smile on her face and the motivation to be for Dash the best trainer she could be. Undergoing knee surgeries and treatments, not so she could keep up with him (not even an Olympic sprinter could keep up with the Dash) but just so that she could enjoy her chosen sport with this young boy seemed a minor inconvenience in anticipation of the fun ahead. I took my time writing the entry because it was so hard to accept such another tragic loss so close to Mo’s and also because it took time as we searched through many of Tim’s galleries to try and find a photo of him (Dash wasn’t at competition level yet so this meant there are no photos of him trialling). We at last found 2 and here they are. Dash went through a lot in his final days and whilst Pam is still finding her way through this tragedy there is a small solace to be taken in the thought that he is at peace now. Rest in peace Dash, gone much too soon, you shall not be forgotten.


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