Perth Royal 2006

Cypher wins at Perth Royal 2006!

First EVER Royal Show Win! Cypher was a star! I’ve been competing at Royals in the Agility since Bear was in Novice way back in 1999. So this is our 8th year of competing at the Royal and the closest I’ve ever come to winning was a 2nd place way back in 1999! Last Monday Cypher fixed that! We won the Excellent Agility class and that was a real buzz! I had decided to scratch him from the teams event on the Saturday to give his toe injury just a couple more days rest. And although the team “Two’s Company” just missed out on qualifying in the top 6 (for the first time ever at a Royal Show) it was worth in the end on Monday when he won Excellent. Considering he’d had no training in nearly 2 weeks and had been crated for at least a week to rest his toe I wasn’t expecting much. I had the sneaking feeling he’d go absolutely feral on me and run around doing everything he could. I was very proud of his Royal Agility debut. 🙂

Raven…well she was Raven *sigh* one fault in Masters Agility, a called contact in Open Agility (that a few said that she had got but there you go), by the time we got to the Jumping classes her speed had somehow increased which meant listening was not a high priority really and my handling wasn’t as exact as it should have been. Open Agility was our best round and really she did everything perfect in that course – just didn’t make the contact obvious enough.

Like I always say with her at the end of each Royal – there’s always next years! LOL! Hmmm she’ll be 7 by that one, wonder if it will be lucky 7! Cypher now has only one more leg to go for his ADX, fingers crossed at the ACWA trial October 15th.


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