My Philosophy

See from that blog heading up there you might be assuming that I am now going to get all whimsical on this post and impart my self-indulgent observations on all my avid readers (yes all two of you – I know who you are *insert knowing smile here*). ‘Fraid not – the heading is actually a reference to what has to be my favourite show right now (which has overtaken the sublime House possibly due to House not being aired at the moment). SCRUBS!! In one word this show is ‘quirky’. In my recent holiday period (drawing to a close tomorrow and just one of three reasons for my moderately melancholic attitude) I have finished watching for the 2nd time Seasons 1 through to 5 average 24 eps per season. I have come to the decision that should any medical treatment in a hospital be required by me that I shall only be treated by Dr “JD” Dorian or a cantankerous soft-centred worthy House opponent Dr Perry Cox. I have come to three conclusions about doctors after watching this (so you can see my conclusions are based on absolute fact and research into the matter). One is that they work in shifts that would make a Burswood croupier weep and that the hours they work should be looked into as it could be the cause of any medical errors made by Drs, two is that it’s scary to know that at any point if you check into a teaching hospital you could be being treated by an Intern who could be failing out of Med School, and three is that the amount of time dedicated to patient/doctor relationships in hospitals is sadly lacking in any hospital I’ve ever been in.
Ahh Scrubs! How I do laugh at thee and thy silly physical humour and clever dialogue. I shall practice escaping inside my head like JD does throughout my workday. The 2nd and 3rd reasons for my somewhat melancholic state you might wonder? #2 – Didn’t win 21 million dollars in the Lottery and #3 – Absolutely no agility fix this weekend.


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