Gosnells Jinx Broken..

Yay! We broke our Gosnells Club voodoo last night….we finally managed a clean run in the Masters Jumping Class…and it was a not too shabby 2nd place as well (1st was 22.83 seconds we were 22.91 seconds). We have never in Raven’s history of trialling at these grounds cracked a pass, and we did it last night! She did a lovely Open Agility run too just missed the contact on the dogwalk, Open Jumping I realised too late that the turn we needed to make was pretty sharp – called her and she dropped a bar so we stopped. In Masters Agility there was only 1 qualifier and we were not it, we did not make it pass the first 5 obstacles (there was a call off from the A Frame which she thought was “run two strides on and *then* return to mum”) and then she dropped a bar so we stopped. Overall very happy with 3 out of 4 runs – she really paid attention. Now we have another 2 weeks till our next trial but to tide us over we have Rob Michalski coming out from the US and I am getting instruction from him on Thurs, Fri and Sat next week and then we have a Show N Go on the Sunday for games.


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