2006 – Let the Fun Begin!

January 21st 2006 – a Saturday. Yahoo we’re back into the swing of the trialling year. Fun Agility teams event at Cloverdale Canine Companions tonight and it was great fun. Raven did 2 ripper runs in the advance agility course. She got called on a contact on the dogwalk (which I know she got so I didn’t care) but I’m calling it a clear run. She kept all her bars up – let me do the lead outs I wanted, stayed on the table, did her A Frame contacts beautifully both times. The second run was the same course I assumed that she knew where we were going, this time I wanted to get my front cross in at the end of the dogwalk with room to spare so that she would get the 2 on 2 off position. Well she decided that the word “Touch” sounds alot like “Tunnel” and she layered a tunnel beautifully for me in an off course move that also cost a refusal! LOL!! So back we went and did the the dogwalk – we had a very nice 2 on 2off at the bottom with a wait as well. I was very happy with her – I was expecting to hear a few bars rattle as the grass was spongy and she was travelling at maximum velocity however I am pleased to note – not a single toenail connected. It was a good start to our year. Our next trial is a ‘real’ one, it’s a week from next Friday. It will no doubt be a tricky course (this judge is notorious for it) I just hope I warm her up just right to get that edge off her. Cypher also came tonight – we worked on his start lines, and did some single bar work – he was very focused I was happy with him. Also got him officially measured! And he is 50cm at the shoulder so he is just on the lower side of the standard. I’m happy with the height he has turned out to be – means he won’t be one of the bigger heavier BCs out there competing in agility.
That’s all folks!


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